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"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."

Shanna LeFleur

The needs of a dancer are unlike any other athlete.  From the training schedule, length of time in your sport (you start when you’re two!), and different demands with multiple forms of dance, the care of a dancer requires an expert.  The specialists at Prime Physical Therapy & Sports Performance offer an approach to your rehabilitation that combines a knowledge of dance-specific movements with human anatomy.  Since your sport is unique, your healthcare should be unique, as well. 

Tailored specifically to the dancer, private and semi-private sessions begin with an initial assessment and goal setting based on the priorities of the athlete. Programs will be customized to develop the necessary strength, stability, and fitness to improve performance and reduce injury risk.

Company or Dance Studio programming is available for a larger group of dancers in your company or studio. Programming is based on the needs of the studio, the skill level of the dancers, and the dance disciplines.  All dance programs are offered offsite at your studio at no additional charge.



Per Session | $75

Package of 8 or more | $70 per session

Package of 12 or more | $65 per session

Semi-Private Dance Academy Strength & Conditioning

Designed for 2-3 dancers in the same company or skill level 

Per Session | $55 per person 

Package of 8 or more | $50 per person/session

Company or Studio Programs

Prices Vary. Please contact us.

Pre-Pointe Assessment

When is it safe to go en-pointe?  We can help you figure that out. The session will begin with a musculoskeletal and flexibility assessment. Basic dance positions, movement analysis, as well as foundational pointe shoe recommendations will be addressed. 

Per Session | $150

Pilates-based training 

Pilates-based core stabilization training includes mat and Pilates reformer instruction. *Pricing varies.  Please contact us.

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